Carbon Theory

All great campaigns start from a single reactionary spark. The problem is that spark is tied up in the complexities of identity, data and technology ecosystems. Getting from A to B has never seemed more challenging or confusing.

Consumers Are Now Brands

Thanks to social media's influence on culture, brands don't own their identity anymore.

Mass To Molecule

Advertising has moved from an era of one to many to one to one.


Marketing has shifted to a focus on total customer experience.con

This is Carbon Theory


We think like protons, always positive.

Nikki Raffenetti

Nikki Raffenetti

If you like people with a lot of syllables in their name, then you'll love Nikki. As a senior executive at other digital agencies, she has overseen Talent & Operations for more than 200 employees across six offices. Her flair for managing people and attracting top talent has let her become an esteemed culture-whisperer. She is well respected and loved by all. If you don't feel the same way, there might be something wrong with you.

Jason Rivera

Jason Rivera

Once you get over the excessive hair gel and bracelets, you'll fall in love with Jason's intellect. Maybe. He has spent years studying human behavior, fielding research and combing through massive data sets, trying to uncover the magic bond between people and brands. He has fielded research in every state and more than 30 countries. He's great at making complicated things simple to understand. Or was that the other way around?

Steve Mccall

Steve Mccall

Steve McCall. It sounds like a name they'd give you in the witness protection program. But this Steve McCall is the real deal. He has more than 20 years directing brand marketing across digital, experiential, and shopper marketing, and was most recently General Manager at one of Boston's largest digital agencies. At Carbon, he oversees all client relationships, but spends most of his time telling dad jokes.

The Best
Crew Around

Everyone wants to work with people they like.

We don't try to hide who we are, or use the obligatory industry buzzwords...but we are down with OTT and RTB. We're real people, with real greatness, and real flaws. Honesty and transparency is important in relationships. We hope you feel that way too.

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