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May The Fourth Awakens

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away one rogue advertising agency dominated all the top awards at Cannesto Bight every year. We were given an all-access pass to introduce you to the cast of characters behind all the galaxy best work at the hottest shop from Tattoine to Endor.

Let go of all your fears and come meet the crew:

Han Solo, Creative Director – lives every day with a “never tell me the odds” mentality, wears all black and has great hair. Once said, “Sometimes, I even amaze myself.”

Chewbacca, Account Management – Chewie doesn’t need a medal to validate his contribution to his clients, he’s happy being an unsung hero. He stays cool under pressure but can be seen running around the office yelling “HERRNNNGGGHHHHH” when on a deadline. Everyone knows “It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee” so scope creep is never a problem on his accounts.

Darth Vader, Business Development – a toxic employee who once said, “He’s as clumsy as he is stupid” about a co-worker, but was still promoted up through the ranks based on his persuasive selling skills. Finds your lack of faith in him hitting his quarterly numbers disturbing. After attending an offsite and going through a Myers Briggs assessment learned he was an ENTJ-A and figured out how to work better with everyone before he retired.

Princess Leia, CEO – “CEOrgana” runs the agency leading with passion, bravery, and grace. If the work isn’t good enough, she will absolutely throw it in the garbage chute and tell the team to start over. The final decision maker, notorious for once saying “I am not a committee?” in a board meeting.

Luke Skywalker, Brand Strategy – Luke is always searching people’s feelings to understand what motivates them and his Creative Briefs are “full of surprises” for the Creative Team. Which color highlighter will he use to whiteboard this time…blue or green?

R2D2, Measurement & Analytics – R2 loves numbers and data. Beep boop bop. Help me Google Campaign Manager, you’re my only hope at measuring attribution of this campaign.

Admiral Ackbar, Head of Production – He is always looking out for traps in the production timeline and uses his patented SCRUM and VILLAINY development process to build the best digital experiences in the galaxy.

Ben Kenobi, Copywriter – Opens every Zoom call with “Hello There?” A grizzled agency copywriting veteran who mostly freelances now. He rose to fame early in his career behind the Death Star “That’s no moon.” campaign.

Cantina Band, Office SONOS Speaker – everyone always fights over control of the band and is judgmental on others music choices, but unfortunately it only always plays the same song on repeat, you know the one – do do do do do do doo doo doo doo doo do do

The Mandalorian, Office Manager – takes great responsibility for ensuring the operation and safety of the entire office. Continuously trains the staff on how to use the dishwasher, saying “This is the Way” but usually ends up breaking down and just shaking his head while he does the dishes again.

Baby Yoda – You know how snacks and sandwiches always go missing from the fridge, and everyone is like what kind of scruffy-looking nerf herder does that? It’s been Baby Yoda this whole time…If you have any favorite agency Star Wars characters I’ve overlooked, please let me know in the comments. May the fourth be with you, always.

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