The state of media

Sometimes it feels like the media landscape is ever changing

But then we’re reminded that the Yellow Pages still exists. In an attempt grapple why, and best plan for our clients’ media in 2019 and 2020, part of our crew from Carbon React, our media team, attended BIMA’s State of the State event.

This event serves as a yearly check in with the best and brightest of the media industry who discuss the state of media and technical changes to expect in the upcoming year.

Here are the main takeaways:

Traditional + Digital

In years past, many marketers thought the world of media would eventually shift from traditional to digital. However, we’re seeing that traditional channels may never die. Rather than thinking about a total shift in dollars to new technologies, it’s important to understand the purpose and value of current channels, while being aware of emerging channels. Include both into your mix if they make sense for your brand and goals.

Digital =/= Direct Response

It’s time to stop thinking about digital media as a direct response model. When we measure the success of digital media in terms of short term KPIs only, we are undervaluing its impact. Ultimately, finding ways to have a fuller picture of campaign impact and the lifecycle of consumers will continue to be an important task for marketers to tackle.

2019 Legislation Changes

In 2018, GDPR shook part of the marketing community, while others seemingly ignored it. In 2019, it’s likely that the California Privacy Act and possibly a patchwork of other state or federal laws will rock the digital marketing ecosystem. It will be vital for marketers to be aware of the changing legislation and the potential impact they will have on our industry.

Will this change everything?

Likely not? However, here at Carbon, our team is dedicated to guiding our clients through the ever-changing (and sometimes unchanging) media waters.

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