Digital Media

As the media landscape continues to shift, we help take brands from mass to molecule using our proprietary media platform, Carbon React™. The core principle of Carbon React™ is dynamic connectivity, which provides for constant fluidity between messaging, targeting, channels, and spend to maximize business outcomes through digital media. It merges best-in-class data science with real-time media planning and buying. It also increases our ability to use hyphenated words by 50%.

Digital Media Capabilities:

  • Media Strategy, Planning, Buying
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Programmatic Trading
  • Paid Social
  • Mobile / Video
  • OTT / Connected TV
  • Publisher Partnerships

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Dynamic Connectivity

It all starts with understanding the connectivity between all channels, centralizing all available data to make it actionable, and planning all your media holistically. We then use our in-house programmatic media trading desk, Carbon React™ to activate, completely eliminating the middle-man and allowing full, unrestricted access to data with absolute campaign clarity. Carbon React™ leverages a blend of first, second, and third party data to improve targeting and reporting accuracy across all digital media channels, including CTV and OTT.

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