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Camapign Strategy

Competitor analysis, persona development, ongoing strategic recommendations, integrated strategy across digital channels with promotions. COVID adaptable.

Measurement and Analytics

Ongoing campaign performance tracking and optimization with eCommerce data modeling and custom reports based on campaign/objective.

Digital Media & Advertising

Leveraging paid search and paid social media to grow awareness, drive web traffic, and increase both online and in-store sales.


Video commercial production and cost-effective digital asset production for paid search and social.

Increase in Quarterly Sales
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Website Engagement
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Wink is a condom brand launched by Japan’s Okamoto Industries, a respected global manufacturer, in business for over 100 years, looking to enter the US market with a new product. Carbon developed the US retail launch strategy for Wink balancing brand awareness with driving in-store and online purchase in a crowded category, all while navigating the changing retail environment due to COVID-19 and the media challenges in this product category.

Our strategy in 2020 was to map personas to online and offline buyer journeys, spending smartly on social between brand awareness and conversion driving tactics, while testing creative messaging before ramping media spend to a more omni-channel approach including TV.

What we learned was that anticipation of experience created a sense of consumer FOMO that was further amplified by Wink’s unique product attributes. This, along with the desire to breakthrough in a positive, relevant fashion, informed our creative approach. In a flash of bright color, expressive visual metaphors, and bold messaging, we created a spot that leveraged feeling alongside facts - positioning Wink as the brand to try if you wanted to wear less, and feel more.

The result: We were able to see improvements across the board year over year, even while decreasing advertising spend by 31%. At the top of the funnel, we achieved a 103% increase in unique new users and a 79% decrease in bounce rate from our alignment and optimization of messaging and website experience. We also saw a significant positive impact on the conversion funnel with a 319% increase in orders and a 311% increase in revenue year over year. Lastly, we saw a 40% increase in returning customers YoY.

Throughout our ongoing collaborative partnership, we have successfully planned and executed a variety of services/capabilities.


Campaign Strategy, Creative, Digital Media & Advertising, Measurement & Analytics

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